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  • Animate your Brand

    Animated videos are an excellent tool for humanizing your brand and concisely explaining things and conveying important messages in a virtually pleasing way. Corroborating with the latest technologies, we can create virtually anything to promote your animated video, which means you will have unlimited themes with infinite options.

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  • Build your Customer Engagement

    We design animated videos to engage viewers and retain their interest in the video's duration. We bring your concept to life and allow your views to transform virtually through animated videos.

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  • Boost your Brand Recognition

    We create animated videos for mobile, web, or digital platforms to enhance the brand recognition of your company. This is one reason our videos go viral and attract your target audience. Even if the video doesn’t drive a direct lead generation, it will still make your brand known to the public.

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Animated Video Production

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In the age of internet and digitalization, a business's success is determined by the effectiveness of your online presence.

Your brand tells a story, and to make your brand immemorable, we can create creative content to boost your marketing strategy. 


Creative Animation Video Solutions

Animated video production 1

2D Animation Video

Communicate your ideas
transform them on a virtual platform
and bring your services to life
with our 2D animation video services.

Animated video production 2

Whiteboard Video

Promote your brand creatively
to attract your target audience. Our excellent whiteboard videos can help explain the way your brand words creatively like a story.

Animated video production 3

Explainer Video

Enhance your brand's effectiveness
with an explainer video
to cross boundaries and reach out
to your target segment.

Animated video production 1

Product Demo Videos

Our animated video solutions offer
an extensive range of product demo videos to communicate your brand’s usability with a compelling story.

Animated video production 2

Corporate Video

From training your employees
on new segments to introducing a new brand idea, we help you with any corporate videos to bolster business growth.

Animated video production 3

Motion Graphic Video

Entice your audience with our brand-new
range of motion graphic video
that has created an upsurge in the internet and smartphones.

The process we follow

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Our pre-production sessions start by discussing various unique ideas to promote your brand by penning down compelling content innovatively.

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Once the content is finalized, we will show you an illustration of the video with an unmatched voiceover service that will portray a fair idea of how the video will be executed.

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The fun part begins by adding
special effects to the content,
and we have a proficient team of experts handling the job with utmost care.

Planet motion character small - GIF animated


The cameras start rolling,
animations take place,
and a story is being formed by our creative team to promote your brand.

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After finalizing the graphics and content, it’s time to add exciting background music to leave a lasting impression about your brand in the audience's minds.

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Video Publication

The video is all set to be released on a myriad of online platforms. We work with you to find the most effective way to get your story in the front and maximize video distribution.

Welcome to Planet Motion

Who are we?

We are an efficient and creative team of professionals who will go the extra mile to understand your business requirements and deliver top-notch services. As one of the leading animation video production companies, we offer a versatile range of animation video services to leverage your business development across various verticals.

Video Production Quality

We curate videos that have high production value by leveraging expert skills, methods, and quality materials in action. At Planet Motion, we strive to create a balance between high production value and your budget so you can achieve an affordable premium quality animation video to boost your brand recognition. From forging a compelling story, utilizing professional cameras, proper lighting techniques, and various types of camera movements, we ensure that your video has high-quality motion to entice the audience. The location also adds value to the story, and the final touch is given with adequate sound and editing.